Penyekatan Tutup Jalur Tikus Mudik Lebaran oleh Polda Metro Jaya

Di Kedungwaringin, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat, pada 29 April 2021, sejumlah polisi menahan pemudik yang menggunakan bajaj.

Di Kedungwaringin, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat, pada 29 April 2021, sejumlah polisi menahan pemudik yang menggunakan bajaj.

Menurut Polda Metro Jaya, petugas akan ditempatkan di semua jalur menuju keluar ibu kota selama masa larangan Lebaran 2021, yang berlangsung dari 6 hingga 17 Mei. Banyak tempat telah ditutup.

Polda Metro Jaya berencana melakukan isolasi mulai 6-17 Mei untuk menegakkan larangan pulang kampung. Kombes Sr. Yusri Yunus, Kepala Divisi Humas Polda Metro Jaya, mengatakan persiapan sudah selesai. “Tanggal 5 Mei akan ada absen pergantian staf,” ujarnya kepada Tempo kemarin.

Yusri mengatakan, proses isolasi tahun ini akan diperbaiki karena petugas mempelajari kegagalan tahun lalu, termasuk memblokir jalur alternatif atau jalur tikus. “Kami memastikan tidak ada yang lolos tahun ini,” katanya.

Menurut petugas, setidaknya ada 16 jalur tikus yang sering digunakan pejalan kaki dari Jakarta untuk keluar kota saat musim mudik Lebaran. Polisi telah mendirikan pos-pos pengawasan di lokasi tersebut. Selain itu, Polda Metro Jaya telah menetapkan 31 titik pantau, termasuk 14 titik isolasi dan 17 titik pemeriksaan. Sementara isolasi akan dimulai pada Kamis, polisi telah memantau lokasi-lokasi ini sejak 22 April, termasuk menguji antigen secara acak.

In Bekasi, patrols and guarding the homecoming route have also been conducted. Sr. Comr. Hendra Gunawan, the head of Bekasi Metro Police, stated that a number of motorists who were caught driving home early were dismissed during the time of tightening. They are then required to present a letter containing the results of a rapid test or polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for which samples were taken no more than 24 hours prior to departure.

If the driver did not carry the test results, he or she was immediately guided to submit to a police-provided test. “If the findings are reactive, we request a reversal and treatment,” Hendra said. Additionally, block patrols are performed at interprovincial public transportation terminals.

Tes antigen cepat untuk pelintas, 29 April 2021, di Kedungwaringin, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat.

Additionally, the Bekasi Metro Police tracks the alternate route in Pebayuran, which borders Karawang, as well as the alternate route in Cipayung Kalimalang. “We all tighten our belts before the ban on returning home from 6-17 May is lifted. No one is permitted to travel back and forth “‘He said.

In Bogor, the City and Regency Governments started enforcing a period of tightening conditions for actors engaged in domestic travel (P4DN). Since April 22, the P4DN introduction has been paired with other traffic rules, most notably the odd-even number plate regulation on inner city lanes.

This hybrid operation is said to be capable of insulating and dispersing passengers. Additionally, tourists must present negative Covid-19 test results. “Additionally, we apprehended the travelers who attempted to flee. Dozens of our homecoming vehicles were partitioned, and in this justisi action, we reversed course “Inspector Dua Ardian Novianto, Head of the Bogor Police Turjawali Unit, said.

Adjunct Senior Commissioner Harun, the head of Bogor Police, stated that there were eight insulating points, seven of which were located at the Bogor Regency’s border with other regions, and one at the Gadog TMC Post. Additionally, officers have tightened checks at Bogor Regency’s stations and terminals to keep irresponsible travelers off public buses and trains. “We will deploy 1,641 security personnel,” Harun said.

Sr. Comr. Susatyo Purnomo, the head of Bogor City Police, reported that 2,361 vehicles were turned around on the first day of the odd-even number plate rule’s implementation in Bogor City. This figure includes 1,331 two-wheelers and 1,030 four-wheelers. The majority of vehicles turned back at the five insulating points were at the Tugu Kujang Simpang, specifically 390 cars and approximately 300 motorcycles.

Susatyo continued, officers would operate several layers of security during the implementation of the homecoming ban on May 6-17, ranging from static isolation posts at border points to creating check points at terminals and stations. Additionally, the officers combed a number of bus companies and travel agencies, especially illegal travel agencies, located in four locations: BTM Mall, Jambu, Ciawi, and Empang.

The Obstacle Task Force is composed of 1,229 police officers. “They are stationed at a static isolation post on the city’s outskirts, as well as at checkpoints for stations and terminals,” Susatyo said. The Eid homecoming flow is blocked at the Jagorawi toll road exit, the South Bogor toll road exit, the BORR toll road exit, Simpang Yasmin, Bubulak, Wangun Ciawi, and Sukaraja.

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